Operating in an environmentally sustainable manner is much more than planting trees. We see our commitment to the environment as a promise to utilize our resources responsibly and to take meaningful ongoing steps to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are committed to harvesting a renewable resource in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and chemicals, monitoring energy and material consumption, recycling oil products and other materials as well as sustainable, responsible forest management. West Fraser's staff support research and work with experts to find better ways to manage forests for wildlife habitat and other forest values.? We are proud of our excellent reforestation record, and we continue explore new ways improve our reforestation and silviculture practices.?

While we have very good systems in place to treat and filter water and air discharges from our facilities, we are always improving our manufacturing plants.?Read more about our operations and our efforts in reducing our environmental impact in Manufacturing, Air & GHG’s and Water.